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  RENA -A neopost group company

RENA has joined the Neopost Group, No 1 provider of mailroom, document and logistical solutions across Europe

Neopost is delighted to welcome RENA Gmbh and their customers within the Neopost Group.

Neopost is the fastest growing supplier of mailroom, document and logistic solutions. Adding RENA products in its product range Neopost will give a wide solution offers. From incoming mail to ondemand solutions, Neopost addressing systems will help in your mail delivery and efficiency.

The key to Neopost's success in Europe is due to our extensive service support network and dedicated staff. This, combined with RENA's expertise and experience, offers RENA's and Neopost's customers ongoing opportunities to enhance their business.


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Sales: 0800 0113 997

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